Say Yes

Many years ago, the name Gershom made an indelible mark on my heart. Gershom was the name Moses’ first son. He gave him that name because he was a stranger, a sojourner in that land. I asked God back then if He would ever send me to another land to do His work. It took a long time before God asked that question back to me. And I said, “Yes.”

Today, August 4th, marks my fifth year of sojourning in Uganda. It marks the fifth year of living in the wake of saying “yes” to God’s call to this country, even though I did not know what was ahead.

I woke up to a surprise answer from God to an urgent prayer I said yesterday for provision. The sad thing is, I was already giving God a timetable in my head for the answer. Perhaps it’s because I’ve gotten so used to having to wait. Waiting is not a bad thing, and many times, God makes us wait because His timing is better, or He has a better answer. But yesterday I was presuming to know God, and how He would move. I prayed for provision and calculated the time I had for the answer. “Okay, Lord, I need this by ___________, so you have ___________ months to answer.”

How presumptuous.

So what does God do? He answers immediately. I’ve always known that He can move mountains. He is Creator of heaven and earth and everything in them. Today, though, I am ashamed of that prayer. Especially when I look back at how God provided at the very beginning of my stay here. It was a last-minute-game-changer kind of intervention from Him that prevented a forced departure from Uganda, and began a five year walk of intense, cliff-hanging, mouth-dropping faith moments.

It is good to look back on those moments when God just made it so clear He wanted His will to be accomplished that He moved mountains for me, for His glory. When I said “yes,” I knew nothing of what was to come. I still don’t know. But God knows. “Yes’ is always the best answer to the God who knows all things.

Remind us, today, O Lord, of your faithfulness. Let us place our memorial stones for us to remember, “You have brought us thus far.” Remind us also of your sovereignty, power and wisdom to answer our prayers in the way you deem best. Remind us that it it always best to say “yes” no matter how dim the path ahead may be.

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