Catching Tears

“If I were to commit murder, I know it would do no good.”

I listened to the heart of a father who felt helpless in the face of family tragedy, fully understanding the cracking voice and the flowing tears.

When tragedy strikes us, we cope: we weep, we pray, we run, we shout… When it strikes others we love, we  feel  helpless. Our natural instinct is to protect, but what if it is not within our power?

“Why?” is the inevitable question that arises. “Why did this happen?” Why is there such evil in the world? Why does God not just strike those who commit wicked acts?

Then, of course, it becomes “Why him/her?” Why the weak and helpless one? Why the  young and innocent?

When I was told of this family’s circumstances, my  mind went through a million questions a minute. What is the right thing to do? Who has the right words to say?

Thankfully, I did not have to look to myself. Thankfully, God ultimately has all the answers. Thankfully, I work with godly people whom God put in authority over me. Thankfully, I did not have to do this alone. Thankfully, God gives his love and wisdom to those who ask.

We went, we sat and we listened. Then the love of God took over. Love opened our hearts and gave words to our mouths. Love bound our hearts with theirs.

Love caught their tears and stored them in our hearts. And love took our words and lifted them up with it.

This can only be God’s love.

What good can come out of such tragedies? If we respond with the love of Christ, much heavenly good. If we share the hope that is in Christ, eternal good.

“If this were a graduation we would have many guests, but after this happened, very few people came to us. Some even blamed us. We are so thankful you sacrificed your time for us.”

It was no sacrifice. It was a joy. It wasn’t really us, but God showing His love through us.

Lord, let us be your hands and feet
To each and everyone we meet
As we gaze upon your cross,
Let us love whatever the cost

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