Shadows of His Love

Fairy tales and television series will never survive without a love interest of some sort. Whether the genre be drama, action or comedy, there will always be that couple that people are rooting for. And not only are we giving these couples nicknames (by merging their names), but we are also “shipping” them. As in “worshipping;” as in adoring them and their love story.

I got to thinking today, as I was looking at photos from our last week of school. I felt a wave of something incomprehensible in my heart. I knew it was love. But I was staring at a whole bunch of people, not a handsome man whom I could “call my own.”

I knew my heart would break for any one of these teachers, aides, staff or pupils if anything happened to them. I knew my heart will break at an inevitable goodbye. I knew that all that I did in obedience to God knit my heart to theirs.

I read somewhere that every foster child deserves a foster parent whose heart will break when they have to leave. My heart will definitely break when I have to leave. Love hurts. It hurts because we give a piece of ourselves every time we love. And when we love many, the heart is shredded into tiny little pieces with parting.

But God.

Look at his love. He so loved the world that he gave his only Son. He gave his Son to those who would mock him, spit on him, beat him, reject him. He gave his Son for his church. His church that still sins against this great love.

That is love. Any love we experience here will only be a faded shadow of that true love.
May God give us a heart to love like Him. Amen.

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